NLP Coaching Practitioner Training

What makes our trainings different from all the rest?

NLP and Coaching…. A powerful model for change unfolds:

This 4-day training course has been created to introduce you to NLP and coaching techniques and how they can effectively be applied in your personal and professional life. Over these 4 days we will cover NLP coaching as a means to maximising your resources, to improve your communication, to create instant change and long-term results. You'll learn a vast array of highly valuable models and tools for personal and professional development.
The unique set of skills and attitudes that have come to be called NLP Coaching have a remarkable effect on your ability to create and live the life you want. The Practitioner Training teaches competencies that are both long term and generative. They may be applied effectively to virtually any goal or challenge. For this reason, these trainings are often described as state of the art courses in both personal effectiveness and professional communication.

On the course you will:

· Learn effective communications skills including listening, questioning and language patterns
· Learn the core skills for exceptional state management.
· Learn the 6 human needs. Awareness of the reasons behind all behaviour.
· Learn the 5 areas of focus to create a personal intervention.
· Create an action plan for building a successful business
· Establish your own personal life vision
· Clarify outcomes and desired results. Clarity is power.
· Model success strategies of two leading Life Coach trainers
· Gain awareness. The key to all success. You don’t know what you don’t know.
· Strengthen your relationships with friends, colleagues, spouse and children.
· Discover how NLP and Coaching combine to produce peak performance

The course combines interactive learning with practical ‘hands on’ sessions.

by Matt Traverso and ISI-CNV -
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NLP Coaching Practitioner Training
NLP Coaching Master Practitioner Training