NLP Coaching Master Practitioner Training

What makes our trainings different from all the rest?

NLP Coaching Master Practitioner Training

Whatever your reasons for becoming a Master NLP Coach are, being an outstanding coach means being an outstanding communicator, an outstanding influencer, an outstanding leader and an inspiration. Your presence must move people. You can only do that if you live, breathe and walk your talk. Coaching is more than just a profession, it’s an identity. It’s who you are. You have a responsibility to the people who put their trust in you.
Hence the focus of this master track is to take your basic NLP Coaching skills to an entirely new level.

In addition, we will focus on:

· Communication: your ability to articulate your ideas and beliefs in a way that compels people to listen.
· How to inspire, focus and mobilise teams.
· How to ensure change means progress. Change is automatic, progress isn’t.
· How to know when to ask, when to suggest and when to command.
· Eliciting, aligning, and designing values. Values are the drivers behind all behaviour. Change someone’s values and you change their life.
· Define your own personal life vision
· Highlight what could hold you back or prevent you from achieving this vision.
· Develop a plan that includes the action steps to close the gap between where you are now and where you really want to be.
· Expand your own identity and psychology to empower you with the focus, certainty and discipline to make your vision a reality.

by Matt Traverso and ISI-CNV -
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NLP Coaching Practitioner Training
NLP Coaching Master Practitioner Training