NLP Coaching Courses: Closing the Gap between Knowledge and Results

What makes our trainings different from all the rest?

Learning Format

The vast majority of NLP trainings available today act as though everyone will use NLP to become a therapist or a coach.
Our trainings are different. While we cover a variety of therapeutic patterns, ideal for personal change, the focus of our trainings is to learn to use NLP & Coaching for personal and business objectives. You will apply the tools and techniques you learn in each class to your most important outcomes. Since you'll be doing this in every class, you will have the habit of applying these tools to the accomplishment of your goals and dreams for many years to come.

Results Oriented

Many NLP trainings today help people to make positive changes, but not the most important changes in their lives. People improve, but still have the same major recurring problems they had when they started the training. Too much information, not enough transformation!
We encourage you to bring your most significant issues to the training. Write them down and use the techniques you’ll learn to create immediate and consistent change.

by Matt Traverso and ISI-CNV -
Learning & Results
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